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 A WaSH interview with Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace

UNU-INWEH’s Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace was recently published in International Innovation where she discussed the programme that is helping disadvantaged communities across the world to implement holistic, affordable, and sustainable change to combat waterborne diseases.

Dr. Schuster-Wallace is the principal investigator in an extended research programme on water, sanitation, and hygiene, named WaSH and Wellbeing. The project’s approach is to explore knowledge, attitudes, and practices at the water-health nexus through community-based, multi-stakeholder investigation. This is achieved by examining physical, social, and political systems and developing tools for local use — particularly where resources are few — to support evidence-informed decision making. Furthermore, the programme develops innovative frameworks that overcome financial constraints, while providing comprehensive solutions.

Dr. Schuster-Wallace was also interviewed in the same publication, where she elaborated on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) relating to safe water and sanitation, how WaSH breaks the cycle of poor health outcomes related to waterborne diseases, and why she chose to focus her WaSH research on women and girls.

To read the interview and article in full, download the PDF below!

Download (PDF, 2.91MB)

(Courtesy of International Innovation – a leading scientific dissemination service.)