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With the help of a 4-week visiting fellowship award from the University of Queenslands Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, INWEH staff member Dr. Emmanuelle Quillérou  has established a number of linkages and contacts with Australian environmental economists. The Australian experience on valuing land that is subjected to severe environmental pressures such as drought and salinization is an important addition to global study on the Economics of Land Degradation ( that INWEH is helping to coordinate. Visits included the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australian National University, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences in Canberra and the University of Western Australia and Society for Ecological Restoration, Australasian Chapter in Perth.  Several Australian scientists expressed interest to become involved in the ELD initiative and it is expected that some will attend the 2nd scientific conference to be held at the European Commission in Brussels October 1-2, 2012.