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The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is launching a Massive, Open, Online Course (MOOC) for free, beginning on March 2nd, and lasting until May 17th.

About the course

Land and the benefits derived from it have been taken for granted and undervalued for thousands of years. The negative consequences of land degradation affect us all directly or indirectly: food insecurity, pests, reduced availability of clean water, increased vulnerability to climate change, biodiversity loss, and much more. Adopting sustainable land management can secure environmental services, increase food security, and alleviate poverty.

This course demonstrates how to assess the economic benefits of land as a first step towards preventing degradation. It introduces methods of economic analysis and valuation to help you manage land sustainably and efficiently. Students will learn problem-solving using economics approaches and methods, e.g.:

  • Adapting Decision-making and Policy to Land Needs
  • Assessment for Economic Analysis and Valuation of Non-Marketed Goods and Services for Land Conservation
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis

This MOOC is a 12-week program consisting of 12 units, available on Global Campus 21®, and is entirely free of charge. There is traditional course material such as videos, readings, and case studies, as well as an online learning room to provide interactive tools in building a vibrant learning community, focused on co-creating solutions.

Typical units consist of web-based training, text-based study materials, brief  videos and webinars held and moderated by an online expert tutor. These components are combined with multiple choice self-assessments, peer-graded assignments, and further reading. Students should expect a workload of 3-5 hours per week.

Participants receive an ELD-badge upon successful completion, provided he/she has actively and collaboratively participated in the course. Participants who handed in all assignments, participated in peer-reviewing, and achieved at least 90% will receive a certificate from UNU-INWEH.

Any interested party can register – the only prerequisite is an interest in solving one of the most important challenges facing the world’s population in the next few decades. Registration is now open at:

You can download the MOOC flyer here, and further details can be found here.

(The Twitter hashtag for the course is #eldmooc).