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The theme for International Day of Forests 2018, ‘Forests and Sustainable Cities’ provides for a podium to advance cognizance of ecosystems service (to sustain and protect us- carbon storage, climate change mitigation, shaping local climate regimes, air filtration, green spaces, habitat for flora and other biodiversity species water regulation etc…) of vegetation and forests and in urban landscapes. UNU-INWEH’s Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla along with colleagues from FAO and Australia discourse ‘Forests as nature-based solutions for ensuring urban water security’–(pages 43-52) in their contribution to FAO’s Unasylva 250. The message also ties closely with World Water Day theme of 2018 ‘The Answer is in Nature’.

Unasylva 250 English – Forests and Sustainable Cities
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Unasylva 250 French – Forêts et villes durables
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