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GECHH (Closed 2014)


Project Closed: 2014
Project Contact: Dr. Mark W. Rosenberg, mark.rosenberg [at]

The Global Environmental Change and Human Health (GECHH) is a Joint Project of the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) from to respond to the growing need to better understand the multi-faceted and complex linkages between global environmental change (including climate change, land and sea use change, global biodiversity loss and change, global socio-economic change) and human health. The GECHH aims at elucidating the spectrum and magnitude of risks to human wellbeing and health, consequent upon human-induced global environmental changes, in order that society at large can have a fuller understanding of the actual and likely consequences of the ways in which, collectively, human societies are changing the Earth System.


  • GECHH Brochure (2011)
  • GECHH Science Plan and Implementation Strategy (2007)
  • GECHH Summary for Decision-Makers (2007)