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KStar (Closed 2012)


Project closed: December 2012

Within the worlds of research and policy there is growing awareness of, and commitment to, the role of intermediaries and intermediary organizations. Knowledge Intermediaries play key roles in considering how relationships between policy and practice, research, and other types of knowledge can be made to function better.

There are a wide variety of terms used to depict and describe knowledge-sharing activities. Terms such as knowledge brokering, knowledge translation, knowledge exchange and knowledge mobilization are all used extensively, but the different terminology has hidden the fact that the actual functions they describe are all systemically related to each other.

K* is the collective term for the set of functions and processes at the various interfaces between knowledge, practice, and policy.  K* improves the ways in which knowledge is shared and applied; improving processes already in place to bring about more effective and sustainable change. K* also represents a framework to think about K* functions and processes, allowing one to see how the diverse range of K* functions, processes, and practitioners fit within the landscape of knowledge to optimize knowledge sharing.


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