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Water Security & Food Security


There is a greatly heightened sense of awareness amongst politicians, policymakers, researchers, and the general public that water security is a new and emerging threat. Just in the past few years, a number of high-level meetings involving the world’s leaders and thinkers have focused on water security. With water security now commanding global attention, this project aims to address specific questions are posed on the likelihood of armed conflict and war over shared water resources; on the continuing availability of water resources to produce sufficient food for 9-10 billion people; on the probability of providing safe drinking water to every man, woman, and child; and on the impact of climate change to create extreme water events – such as typhoons, floods and droughts – for which we are not prepared. A particular focus is on better use of water to achieve food security, relating to the concepts of ‘more nutrition and economic return per drop’ and improving water use efficiencies from ‘field to fork’ (reducing wastage).


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