Journal Articles

Journal Articles


The state of desalination and brine production: A global outlook
Appearing in: Science of The Total Environment
Authors: Jones, E., M. Qadir, M.T.H. van Vliet, V. Smakhtin, and S. Kang

Agricultural water pollution: Key knowledge gaps and research needs
Appearing in: Environmental Sustainability
Authors: Evans, A.E.V., J. Mateo-Sagasta, M. Qadir, E. Boelee, and A. Ippolito

Using smart ICT to provide weather and water information to smallholders in Africa: The case of the Gash River Basin, Sudan
Appearing in: Climate Risk Management on Science Direct
Authors: G.Amarnatha, G.W.H.Simons, N. Alahacoona, V.Smakhtin, B.Sharmae, Y.Gismalla, Y.Mohammed, M.C.M.Andriessen

Gender and Community Mainstreaming in Fog Water Collection Systems
Appearing in: Water
Authors: Kayla J. Lucier, Manzoor Qadir

Explaining Water Pricing through a Water Security Lens
Appearing in: MPDI: Water
Authors: Paula Cecilia Soto Rios, Tariq A. Deen, Nidhi Nagabhatla, and Gustavo Ayala

High-magnesium waters and soils: Emerging environmental and food security constraints
Appearing in: Science of The Total Environment
Authors: Qadir, M., S. Schubert, J.D. Oster, G. Sposito, P.S. Minhas, S.A.M. Cheraghi, G. Murtaza, A. Mirzabaev, and M. Saqib

Addressing trade-offs to promote safely managed wastewater in developing countries
Appearing in: Water Economics and Policy
Author: Manzoor Qadir

Reducing the energy intensity of lift irrigation schemes of Northern Tajikistan- potential options
Appearing in: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Authors: Akmal Kh. Karimova, Vladimir Smakhtin, Aziz A. Karimov, Khalim Khodjiev, Sadyk Yakubov, Alexander Platonov, Mirzaolim Avliyakulov

Centralized versus distributed reservoirs: an investigation of their implications on environmental flows and sustainable water resources management
Appearing in: IAHS
Authors: Eriyagama, N., Smakhtin, V.; and Udamulla, L.

Continuous prediction of clay-bed stream erosion in response to climate model output for a small urban watershed
Appearing in: Hydrological Processes
Authors: Brennan, C. P., Parsapour-moghaddam, P, Rennie, C. D. and Seidou, O.

Estimation of the added value of using rainfall-runoff transformation and statistical models for seasonal streamflow forecasting
Appearing in: Hydrological Sciences Journal
Authors: Sittichok, K., Seidou, O., Gado Djibo, A., Rakangthong, N.

Analysis of land use change impacts on flash flood occurrences in the Sosiani River basin Kenya
Appearing in: International Journal of River Basin Management
Authors: Barasa, Betty Namulunda, Perera, Edangodage Duminda Pradeep

Fog Water Collection: Challenges beyond Technology
Appearing in: Water
Authors: Manzoor Qadir, Gabriela C. Jiménez, Rebecca L. Farnum, Leslie L. Dodson and Vladimir Smakhtin

Floods and Countermeasures Impact Assessment for the Metro Colombo Canal System, Sri Lanka
Appearing in: Hydrology
Authors: Mohamed Mashood Mohamed Moufar and Edangodage Duminda Pradeep Perera


Water Balance Analysis over the Niger Inland Delta-Mali: Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Flooded Area and Water Losses
Appearing in: Hydrology
Authors: Ibrahim, M., Wisser, D., Ali, A., Diekkrüger, B., Seidou, O., Mariko, A. and Afouda, A.

Automated monitoring of river ice processes using shore-based imagery
Appearing in: Cold Regions Science and Technology
Authors: Ansari, S., Rennie, C., Seidou, O., Malenchak, J. and Zare, S.

RCP8.5-Based Future Flood Hazard Analysis for the Lower Mekong River Basin
Appearing in: Hydrology
Authors: Edangodage Duminda Pradeep Perera, Takahiro Sayama, Jun Magome, Akira Hasegawa, and Yoichi Iwami

Actual and perceived causes of flood risk: climate versus anthropogenic effects in a wet zone catchment in Sri Lanka
Appearing in: Water International
Authors: Nishadi Eriyagama, Madusanka Thilakarathne, Praveen Tharuka, Tharindu Munaweera, Lal Muthuwatta, Vladimir Smakhtin, Wickrama Waththage Premachandra, Dhammi Pindeniya, N. S. Wijayarathne and Lakshika Udamulla

Source Water Protection Planning for Ontario First Nations Communities: Case Studies Identifying Challenges and Outcomes
Appearing in: Special Issue: Source Water Protection: State of the Art and Science, Water
Authors: Leslie Collins, Deborah McGregor, Stephanie Allen, Craig Murray and Chris Metcalfe

Soil-applied zinc and copper suppress cadmium uptake and improve the performance of cereals and legumes
Appearing in: International Journal of Phytoremediation
Authors: Ghulam Murtaza, Wasim Javed, Amir Hussain, Manzoor Qadir and Muhammad Aslam

Impacts of temperature and rainfall variation on rice productivity in major ecosystems of Bangladesh

Appearing in: Agriculture & Food Security
Authors: Md Abiar Rahman, SuChul Kang, Nidhi Nagabhatla and Robert Macnee


Hot and Bothered: Water and Women in a Warming World

Appearing in: The Solutions Journal (Special Edition: Securing Water and Women in a Changing World)
Authors: Sandford, R. and Schuster-Wallace, C.

Focus on Water Storage for Managing Climate Extremes and Change

Appearing in: Environmental Research Letters
Authors: Scanlon, B. and Smakhtin, V.

Evaluating the productivity potential of chickpea, lentil, and faba bean under saline water irrigation systems.

Appearing in: Irrigation and Drainage
Authors: Arslan, A., G.A. Majid, K. Abdallah, P. Rameshwaran, R. Ragab, M. Singh and M. Qadir

Tropical Agrarian Landscape Classification using high-resolution GeoEYE data and segmentation based approach
Appearing in: European Journal of Remote Sensing
Authors: Nagabhatla, N. and Kühle, P.

Land use, rangeland degradation and ecological changes in the southern Kalahari, Botswana

Appearing in: African Journal of Ecology
Authors: Dougill, A.J., Akanyang, L., Perkins, J.S., Eckardt, F.D., Stringer L.C., Favretto, N., Atlhopheng, J. and Mulale, K.

Explaining Climate Variability Vis-A-Vis Spatio-Temporal Interactions in Bangladeshi Exclusive Economic Zone (BEEZ)

Appearing in: Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change
Authors: Nagabhatla, N., Sahu , S.K., Arain M. A, Mahfuzul Haque A.B.M and Mitra A.

Unpacking Brazil’s leadership in the global biofuels arena: Brazilian ethanol diplomacy in Africa

Appearing in: Global Environmental Politics
Authors: Afionis, S., Stringer, L.C., Favretto, N., Tomei, J., and Buckeridge, M.

Increasing Early Warning Lead Time Through Improved Transboundary Flood Forecasting in the Gash River Basin, Horn of Africa

Appearing in: Flood Forecasting: A Global Perspective
Authors: Amarnath, G., Alahacoon, N., Y. Gismalla, Y. Mohammed, B.R. Sharma, V. Smakhtin

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to identify dryland ecosystem service trade-offs under different rangeland land uses

Appearing in: Ecosystem Services
Authors: Favretto, N., Stringer, L.C., Dougill, A.J., Dallimer, M., Perkins, J.S., Reed, M.S., Atlhopheng, J.R. and Mulale, K.

A Review of Health Risks and Pathways for Exposure to Wastewater Use in Agriculture
Appearing in: Environmental Health Perspectives
Authors: Dickin, Sarah, Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Qadir, Manzoor and Pizzacalla, Katherine

Reversing salt-induced land degradation requires integrated measures
Appearing in: Water Economics and Policy
Author: Qadir, Manzoor


Tolerance of faba bean, chickpea and lentil to salinity: Accessions’ salinity response functions

Appearing in: Irrigation and Drainage
Authors: Rameshwaran, P., M. Qadir, R. Ragab, A. Arslan, G.A. Majid, and K. Abdallah

Achieving sustainable irrigation requires effective management of salts, soil salinity, and shallow groundwater
Appearing in: Agricultural Water Management
Authors: Dennis Wichelns, Manzoor Qadir

Persian Gulf reefs: An Important Asset for Climate Science in Urgent Need of Protection
Appearing in: Ocean Challenge
Authors: John A Burt, Hanneke Van Lavieren, David A. Feary

Impacts of salinity parameterizations on temperature simulation over and in a hypersaline lake
Authors: Lijuan Wen, Nidhi Nagabhatla, Lin Zhao
Appearing in: Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology

Effects of physical disturbances on media and performance of household-scale slow sand (BioSand) filters
Appearing in: Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology AQUA
Authors: Naomi C. Mahaffy, Sarah Dickson, Raymond E. Cantwell, Kayla Lucier, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace

LCLUC as an entry point for transdisciplinary research – Reflections from an agriculture land use change study in South Asia
Appearing in: Journal of Environment Management
Author: Nidhi Nagabhatla, Martina Padmanabhan, Peter Kühlea, Suma Vishnudas, Lydia Betz, Bastian Niemeyer

Understanding Impacts of Climate Variation in Varied Socio-Ecological Domains: A Pre-Requisite for Climate Change Adaptation and Management
Appearing in: Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation
Author: Nidhi Nagabhatla, Sobhan Sahu, Armando Gaetaniello, Lijuan Wen, Wooseop Lee,

Impacts of the Two Biggest Lakes on Local Temperature and Precipitation in the Yellow River Source Region of the Tibetan Plateau
Appearing in: Advances in Meteorology
Author: Lijuan Wen, Shihua Lv, Zhaoguo Li, Lin Zhao, Nidhi Nagabhatla,

The role of cultural ecosystem services in landscape management and planning
Appearing in: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Author: Nidhi Nagabhatla et al.

Using Photovoice as a Community Based Participatory Research Tool for Changing Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Behaviours in Usoma, Kenya
Appearing in: BioMed Research International
Author: Elijah Bisung, Susan J. Elliott, Bernard Abudho, Diana M. Karanja, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace

Dreaming of toilets: Using photovoice to explore knowledge, attitudes and practices around water-health linkages in rural Kenya
Appearing in: Health & Place
Author: Elijah Bisung, Susan J. Elliott, Bernard Abudho, Diana M. Karanja, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace

New vegetation type map of India prepared using satellite remote sensing: Comparison with global vegetation maps and utilities
Appearing in: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
Author: Roy, R.S. and 50 co-authors including Nagabhatla, N.


Economics of salt-induced land degradation and restoration
Appearing in: Natural Resources Forum
Author: Manzoor Qadir, et al.

Transforming management of tropical coastal seas to cope with challenges of the 21st century
Appearing in: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Author: Peter F. Sale et al.

Toward a social capital based framework for understanding the water-health nexus
Appearing in: Social Science & Medicine
Author: Elijah Bisung, Susan J. Elliott

Patterns of coral settlement in an extreme environment: the southern Persian Gulf (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Appearing in: Marine Ecology

Author: Andrew G. Bauman1, Andrew H. Baird1, John A. Burt2, Morgan S. Pratchett1, David A. Feary3

Mosquitoes & vulnerable spaces: Mapping local knowledge of sites for dengue control in Seremban and Putrajaya Malaysia
Appearing in: Applied Geography

Author: Sarah Dickin, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Susan J. Elliott,


Multiple environmental factors influence the spatial distribution and structure of reef communities in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula
Appearing in: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Author: Andrew G. Bauman, David A. Feary, Scott F. Heron, Morgan S. Pratchett, John A. Burt,

Developing a Vulnerability Mapping Methodology: Applying the Water-Associated Disease Index to Dengue in Malaysia
Appearing in: PLOS One
Author: Sarah Dickin, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Susan J. Elliott

Challenges, issues and research in transboundary water systems
Appearing in: Environmental Development
Author: Jack T. Trevors, Patrick Weiler,

Exploring Water Governance and Management in Oneida Nation of the Thames (Ontario, Canada): An Application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework
Appearing in: Environmental Development
Author: Kate Cave, Ryan Plummer, Rob de Loë

Animal behaviour: Older but less wise
Appearing in: NATURE
Author: Peter F. Sale

Managing Fleet Capacity Effectively Under Second-Hand Market Redistribution
Appearing in: AMBIO
Author: Emmanuelle Quillérou, Nolwenn Roudaut, Olivier Guyader, Rob de Loë,


The place of health and the health of place: Dengue fever and urban governance in Putrajaya, Malaysia
Appearing in: Health & Place
Author: Kate Mulligan, Susan J. Elliott, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace

Water Quality: Assessment of the Current Situation in Asia
Appearing in: International Journal of Water Resources Development
Author: Alexandra E. V. Evans, Munir A. Hanjra, Yunlu Jiang, Manzoor Qadir, Pay Drechsel

Data integration at the water–health nexus
Appearing in: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Author: Confalonieri, Ulisses E. C., Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J.

Health Implications for Children in Wastewater-Irrigated Peri-Urban Aleppo, Syria
Appearing in: Water Quality, Exposure and Health
Author: Caroline Grangier, Manzoor Qadir, Murari Singh

Global public health policy transfer and dengue fever in Putrajaya, Malaysia: a critical discourse analysis
Appearing in: Critical Public Health
Author: Kate Mulligan, Susan J. Elliott, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace

How constrained? Entry into the French Atlantic fishery through second-hand vessel purchase
Appearing in: Ocean & Coastal Management
Author: Ingrid E. van Putten, Emmanuelle Quillérou, Olivier Guyader

Examination of residence time and its relevance to water quality within a coastal mega-structure: The Palm Jumeirah Lagoon
Appearing in: Journal of Hydrology
Author: Geórgenes H. Cavalcante, Björn Kjerfve, David A. Feary

Extreme Physical Factors and the Structure of Gulf Fish and Reef Communities
Appearing in: Coral Reefs of the World
Author: David A. Feary, John A. Burt, Georgenes H. Cavalcante, Andrew G. Bauman,

What is behind fleet evolution: a framework for flow analysis and application to the French Atlantic fleet.
Appearing in: ICES Journal of Marine Science
Author: Emmanuelle Quillérou, Olivier Guyader

An effective regional Marine Protected Area network for the ROPME Sea Area: Unrealistic vision or realistic possibility?
Appearing in: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Author: Hanneke Van Lavieren, Rebecca Klaus

Local retention, dispersal and fluctuating connectivity among populations of a coral reef fish
Appearing in: Oecologia
Author: James Derek Hogan, Peter F. Sale, Daniel D. Heath, Roger J. Thiessen,

An ecological quantification of the relationships between water, sanitation and infant, child, and maternal mortality
Appearing in: Environmental Health
Authors: June J. Cheng, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Susan Watt, Bruce K. Newbold, Andrew Mente


Biogeographic patterns of reef fish community structure in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula
Appearing in: ICES Journal of Marine Science
Authors: John A. Burt, David A Feary, Andrew G. Bauman, Paolo Usseglio, Georgenes H. Cavalcante, Peter F. Sale

Weather, water quality and infectious gastrointestinal illness in two Inuit communities in Nunatsiavut, Canada: potential implications for climate change
Appearing in: ICES Journal of Marine Science
Authors: Sherilee Harper, V.L. Edge, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Olaf Berke, Scott A. McEwen

You cannot prevent a disease; you only treat diseases when they occur: knowledge, attitudes and practices to water-health in a rural Kenyan community
Appearing in: East African Journal of Public Health
Authors: Morgan M. Levison, Susan J. Elliott, Diana M. Karanja, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Dan W. Harrington

Coral reproduction in the world’s warmest reefs: southern Persian Gulf (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Appearing in: Coral Reefs
Authors: Andrew G. Bauman, Andrew H. Baird, Geórgenes H. Cavalcante

Effects of Customary Marine Closures on Fish Behavior, Spear‐Fishing Success, and Underwater Visual Surveys
Appearing in: Conservation Biology
Authors: David A. Feary, Joshua E. Cinner, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Fraser A. Januchowski‐Hartley,

Farmer Compensation and its Consequences for Environmental Benefit Provision in the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme
Appearing in: Journal of Agricultural Economics
Authors: Emmanuelle Quillérou, Rob Fraser, Iain Fraser

Special Issue on Understanding Dryland Degradation Trends
Appearing in: Land Degradation & Development
Authors: Mark Winslow, Mariam Akhtar-Schuster, Christopher Martius, Stringer, Lindsay C., Richard J. Thomas, Jürgen Vogt


Adapting to Climate Change By Improving Water Productivity of Soils in Dry Areas

Appearing in: Land Degradation & Development
Authors: Manzoor Qadir, Andrew D. Noble, Colin Chartres


Benthic development on large-scale engineered reefs: A comparison of communities among breakwaters of different age and natural reefs

Appearing in: Ecological Engineering
Authors: John A. Burt, Aaron Bartholomew, Peter F. Sale

The Growing Need for Sustainable Ecological Management of Marine Communities of the Persian Gulf
Appearing in: AMBIO
Authors: Peter Sale et al.

Fish communities on the world’s warmest reefs: what can they tell us about the effects of climate change in the future?
Appearing in: Journal of Fish Biology
Authors: Peter Sale et al.

Ongoing global biodiversity loss and the need to move beyond protected areas: a review of the technical and practical shortcomings of protected areas on land and sea
Appearing in: Marine Ecology
Authors: Camilo Mora, Peter F. Sale,

Contaminants in the coastal karst aquifer system along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Appearing in: Environmental Pollution
Authors: Chris D. Metcalfe et al.

Water Currents and Water Budget in a Coastal Megastructure, Palm Jumeirah Lagoon, Dubai, UAE.
Appearing in: Journal of Coastal Research
Authors: Geórgenes H. Cavalcante, Björn Kjerfve, David A. Feary, Andrew G. Bauman, Paolo Usseglio

Strengthening Coastal Pollution Management in the Wider Caribbean Region
Appearing in: Proceedings of the 64th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institut
Authors: Chris D. Metcalfe et al.


Using mixed methods to visualize the water-health nexus: identifying problems, searching for solutions
Appearing in: African Geographical Review
Authors: Morgan M. Levison, Susan J. Elliott, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Diana M. Karanja,

Tropical harmful algal blooms: An emerging threat to coral reef communities?
Appearing in: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Authors: Andrew G. Bauman, John A. Burt, David A. Feary, Elise Marquis, Paolo Usseglio

The Influence of Wave Exposure on Coral Community Development on Man-Made Breakwater Reefs, with a Comparison to a Natural Reef
Appearing in: Bulletin of Marine Science
Authors: John A. Burt, David A. Feary, Paolo Usseglio, Andrew G. Bauman, Peter F. Sale


Coral recruitment and early benthic community development on several materials used in the construction of artificial reefs and breakwaters
Appearing in: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Authors: John A. Burt, Aaron Bartholomew, Andrew G. Bauman, Abdulla Saif, Peter F. Sale

Are artificial reefs surrogates of natural habitats for corals and fish in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?
Appearing in: Coral Reefs
Authors: John A. Burt, Aaron Bartholomew, Paolo Usseglio, Andrew G. Bauman, Peter F. Sale


Recovery of corals a decade after a bleaching event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Appearing in: Marine Biology
Authors: John A. Burt, Aaron Bartholomew, Paolo Usseglio

Management of coral reefs: Where we have gone wrong and what we can do about it
Appearing in: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Author: Peter F. Sale


A role of high impact weather events in waterborne disease outbreaks in Canada, 1975 – 2001
Appearing in: International Journal of Environmental Health Research
Authors: Kate Thomas, Dominique F. Charron, David Waltner-Toews, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Abdel R. Maarouf, John Holt


A role of high impact weather events in waterborne disease outbreaks in Canada, 1975 – 2001
Appearing in: International Journal of Environmental Health Research
Author: Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace et al.