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Chapter 4: NBS for Managing Water-Related Risks, Variability and Change
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Author: Colin Mayfield
Global Water Crisis: The Facts
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Climate Change Impacts on Health in the Arab Region: A Case Study on Neglected Tropical Diseases
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Report Chapters by Manzoor Qadir:
Chapter 1: Overview. p. 16-22.
Chapter 2: Wastewater and the sustainable development agenda. p. 23-28.
Chapter 4: Technical aspects of wastewater. p. 37-46.
Chapter 7: Agriculture. p. 69-77.
Chapter 8: Ecosystems. p. 78-82.
Chapter 10: The Arab region. p. 91-95.
Chapter 16: Water reuse and resource recovery. p. 124-136.
Chapter 16: Water reuse and resource recovery. p. 137-142.
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Assessment of Water SDG Proposals Against Principles for SDGs


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IW:Science: Groundwater – A global Analysis of Groundwater science and transboundary management
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Sanitation Drive to 2015 – A Planner’s Guide
Authors: UN Water
Expanding our understanding of K* (KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.) – Executive Summary
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Guidelines for the Preparation and Reporting on Globally-relevant SLM Impact Indicators for Project-level Monitoring
Guidelines prepared by: The GEF MSP “KM:Land” on Ensuring Impacts from SLM – Development of a Global Indicator System
Transboundary Lake Basin Management: Laurentian and African Great Lakes
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Preserving Reef Connectivity- A Handbook for Marine Protected Area Managers
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Revitalizing the UNCCD
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The science of No-take Fishery Reserves. A guide for managers
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Author: Hanneke Van Lavieren