Regional Training Course and Workshop


Regional Training Course and Workshop – SEAR (South East Asian Region)


ENGAGE program (Ecosystem Based Adaptation approach for Sustainable Management and Governance of Coastal Ecosystems)

CanTho city, Vietnam, 20-25 November 2016

Coastal ecosystems bordering the tropical coastlines play an important role in maintaining holistic environmental conditions for the coastal communities. These ecosystems mainly comprise of mangrove forest, swamps, marine tidal forests and play a key role in sheltering the shoreline between freshwater and the saline. South East Asian region [SEAR] countries constitute the largest habitat for coastal diversity, including mangroves. Indonesia alone houses more than twenty per cent of the world’s mangroves. Recent debates in sustainability science endorses the need of ecosystem based framework for resource management and planning as it appropriates various ecological services and benefits received by the social capital.

AIT-Vietnam and UNU-INWEH through the ENGAGE program are proposing a training-cum-workshop (tcw) capacity development activity with an aim to create an enabling environment for sustainable management of coastal ecosystems in SEAR. The target group will include researchers, development workers and governmental officials working in the coastal regions of SEAR. The twin-framework will include 3-day training course and a day of multi-stakeholders dialogue workshop. The training course will focus on theoretical understanding and practical approaches to address and understand characteristics, ecology, functions of coastal ecosystems and ecosystem based adaptation as a management tool. Training will comprise of mix of lectures, seminars and field visits.

The Stakeholder workshop will bring together regional level experts and key stakeholders and initiate a dialogue on barriers and opportunities for regional cooperation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Ecosystem based Management, Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Zones, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Mapping, Disaster Risk Reduction. The dialogue will lead to setting priorities to address challenges of ecological conservation and sustainable management of coastal systems, with specific focus on mangroves.

Please apply to participate in this program by following the instructions listed in the brochure.
The application form is also available for download in word format here

We look forward to receiving your applications. You can send your application before 30th September to:

Ms Lo Ly
Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam
Building B3, University of Transport & Communication, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 3766 9493 Ext: 123

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