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This policy brief on ‘Safeguarding the future of global seaweed aquaculture industry’ is meant to serve as source of aggregate information of the current status and ongoing trends in the seaweed industry (>6 billion worth). Even readers with limited thematic connection to aquaculture experience it is important to understand that while this industry is about 50 years old, its contribution to food and nutrition space is large, mainly in South East Asia, now quite much around the world. It is important to understand how the production of seaweed affects and impacts our alternate source of safe food and nutrition supplement or our surrounding environment, w.r.t pollution of coasts, our indigenous biodiversity, disease outbreak (food safety standard -pet food, chocolate and toothpaste), climate change mitigation, fair trade and blue economy.

“We welcome this innovative approach by UNU INWEH and SAMS to implementing the UN SDGs, recognizing the linkages amongst human and planetary health and our world oceans. Without a doubt, if we activate policy integration capabilities for seaweed management under SGD 14 targets, we will move to a greater competence with respect to management of human activities that has largely eluded us in addressing ocean productivity and protection concerns. The Seaweeds Policy brief offers concrete proposals for critical transformative learning opportunities and marine spatial planning, necessary for a more sustainable future for the oceans and our ocean-based livelihoods.”
Prof. Nancy C. Doubleday
HOPE Chair in Peace and Health, Department of Philosophy
McMaster University, Canada

“By highlighting both the opportunities and challenges facing the global seaweed mariculture sector, this Policy Brief sets the right tone for how to pursue aquaculture growth in general – we need to be conscious of the fact that with the huge potential for growth comes challenges that if ignored could wipe out the many benefits generated by the rise of seaweed farming worldwide. This Policy Brief does an excellent job at this.”
Dr. Rashid Sumaila
Director, OceanCanada
Professor, University of British Columbia- Canada


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