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Losing Ground? This week we unite and celebrate Global Soil Week. Here, the Global Soil Forum addresses ways to “focus on the exchange of knowledge between scientists and representatives from government, civil society and business and conduct research in a transdisciplinary way on sustainable soil management”. Their focus on soil governance “works to address the elaboration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and  [to translate principles] of responsible land governance into practice”. To showcase the global loss of land and the economics of land degradation (ELD), UNU-INWEH has created this infographic to highlight the ELD Initiative and their Interim Report.

To learn more about the ELD Initiative and to read the full report please visit the UNU-INWEH’s  ELD Project Page and the ELD Initiative Website.

To engage in discussion and learn about sustainable soil management, visit the Global Soil Week website here.

UNU-INWEH’s infographic can be seen below!