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WaSH & Wellbeing Workshop Reflections: A Student Perspective

In November 2013, a WaSH and Wellbeing workshop was held to engage a variety of sectors in a dialogue concerning water and related health issues faced by rural, remote and indigenous communities. We had the opportunity to invite a group of excited and interested students from universities across Canada to help rapporteur and engage in the discussion. Following the workshop, several rapporteurs reflected on their experiences, sharing what they learned and what they will change as a direct result of their participation in the event.

Shared Learning:

  • The importance of simple financial and technological solutions for issues that are complex and require holistic approaches.
  • The importance of incorporating social factors such as equality, political interests, and strategic planning.
  • The importance of empowering and working alongside local people.
  • The importance of innovation in communication with the idea of ‘language as technology’.
  • The importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration as a requirement to implement changes.

Creating Change:

  • Building awareness and understanding of local WaSH issues alongside global ones, especially those faced by indigenous communities.
  • Ensuring communication and engagement with community members when collaborating on projects.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience of the workshop and its network with peers.

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