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The interrelationships between water and international security are the focus of new works edited by former UNU-INWEH Director Zafar Adeel and colleagues.

The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region (Amer, Adeel, Boer, and Saleh; Eds.) is the first book to analyze the water-energy-food security nexus for the Arab region.
Four take-away messages:
* the Arab region is under considerable water stress, which will worsen with climate change and regional water distribution
* viable solutions are available through innovative policies, judicious use of new technologies, and stimulating public opinion
* integrated actions the across water, energy, and food sectors is obviously needed but extremely challenging to achieve
* there are some gaps in the scientific understanding but at the same time there is a wealth of data and synthesized information that can guide decision-making.
The book advocates more open and interdisciplinary dialogue and says achieving sustainable economic development is irretrievably tied to the security of the water-energy-food nexus. And that, in turn, is essential for sustained peace.

Water Security in a New World (Springer; Series Editor: Zafar Adeel), assembles providing evidence-based and policy-relevant responses to many pressing questions about water security, from the world’s leading thinkers, experts, practitioners and researchers. With water security now commanding global attention, specific questions relate to
* the likelihood of armed conflict and war over shared water resources
* on the continuing availability of water resources to produce sufficient food for 9 or 10 billion people
* on the probability of providing safe drinking water to every man, woman and child, and
* on the impact of climate change to create extreme water events, such as typhoons, floods and droughts, for which we are not prepared.
Volumes in this series will provide in-depth analysis of various dimensions of water security, and are meant to be used by researchers, policymakers and practitioners alike.

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