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UNU-INWEH’s project ‘Water Security and Nexus’ is supporting the upcoming Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) event ESP European Conference 2018, San Sebastián, Spain, 15-19 October. Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla is closely involved (as a co-lead) of the ESP Sectoral Working Group 5 (SWG5) on ES and Water Management. The Working Group is organising a session titled, “Promoting sustainability through water-related concepts, approaches and tools for quantifying ES”. Dr Nagabhatla, with a colleague from Italy (University of Trento), contributed an Abstract titled, ‘Unpacking the urban water security nexus using ecosystem services and nature-based solutions as guiding frameworks’. It will discuss the knowledge and have examples of how cities and communities are considering adopting nature-based solutions to address water security and water-related sustainable development goals. The complete book of abstracts is available from the Water Security and Nexus project page.

The session is intended to initiate discussions and exchange on the below listed set of points:

1. Contribution of various concepts, approaches and practical/measureable water-related tools can contribute in promoting water security and sustainable water management
2. Multiple narratives on added value of joining the learning of different concepts, approaches, and tools for decision-making; planning; practice; and science/innovation- presented using set of selected papers/experts and case studies
3. Discussion on the outcome of implementing the existing tools (with or without coupling in promoting promote water security/sustainable water management
4. Mapping how these concepts, approaches, and tools are integrated in-ground scale interventions and do these tools take note of the logic outline by the expanding literature on ecosystem services/benefits

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