Blog Post

For nearly three years, the ‘Water and Climate Dialogue Series’– a joint initiative by UNU-INWEH and McMaster University, organised discussions on multi-faceted issues in the water sector and climate change aspects in the larger water-climate-society-policy nexus. On 8 June 2018, a new session of the series featured two young professionals from UNU-INWEH. The first presenter, Ms Nuha Elgindi, University of Victoria (Canada) and Intern at UNU-INWEH, talked about models and mechanisms of financing Water Security. The second presenter, Ms Rebecca Carrick, University of Alberta (Canada) and ELE Scholar at UNU-INWEH, navigated and dissected social influences on peace and political stability, and the dynamics and intersection of these aspects with water security (with focus on Rights Based Approach and Gender Equality).

“We hope to provide a discussion platform for seasoned and emerging researchers from Canada and around the world to engage with UNU-INWEH and McMaster University’s water and climate-related experts and agenda”.

-Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla, Coordinator, Water and Climate Dialogue Series