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Review of current evidence

Over the past two decades, the international science and development communities have referred to a global water crisis that is emerging. Looking at the current situation in virtually every region of the world, the facts show that the world water crisis is here. Today, water insecurity affects the daily lives of millions of people, especially those in low-income countries.

This report reviews the body of key evidence and studies on global water from 6 key perspectives –water scarcity and insecurity, unsustainable development, water infrastructure deterioration and destruction, water-related disasters and ecosystem degradation – to present an overview of the scale of the world’s water crisis. Here are some of the many proof points that current evidence reveals:
• There will be a 40% gap between water demand and water available by 2030
• 1.8 billion people now use water as drinking source that is contaminated by faeces
• 80% or more of wastewater returns to the environment without adequate treatment
• 30% of global water abstraction is lost due to leakage
• Water scarcity currently affects 40% of the global population
• 70% more food will be needed to feed the world’s population by 2050 – and 70-90% of all water globally is used for agriculture.

Faced with this evidence, what actions do countries and international policy makers need to take to avert further disasters? For all players serious about meeting the SDG water targets, the time to start is now.

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