2030WATERSECURE- Partnership for Water Security

2030WATERSECURE- Partnership for Water Security

A collaborative initiative of Water Future and the United Nations University – ‘2030WaterSecure’ -Developing the capacity to secure the 21st Century Water Risk- is an innovative vision to build and develop capacity of actors, agents, agencies and institutions in realizing the ‘Water Security’ Agenda and to tackle the 21st-century water challenges and enable efficient implementation of 2030 water-related goals and targets.

By uniting the state-of-the-art data, information and knowledge with current, tailored communication methods, and tools – 2030WaterSecure is all set to develop the capacity of water professionals, mainly young scientists to transform them as champions addressing the science-policy interactions in the water sector. It will include mentoring the ‘next generation’ of water experts and practitioners- who in turn, can lead the planning, adopting and implementing reforms towards a vision of sustainable water futures. This up-to-date knowledge capitalizing on the best state-of-the-art science, technology, and assessment tools can promote an extended use of integrated and ecosystem-based tactics for the strategies of future water security systems.

2030WaterSecure will target Mentoring and Capacity Development to create self-sufficient, in-country capabilities to monitor, assess and apply water-related sustainable development goals interventions. The objectives include:

  • To secure technical and facilitation support using individuals with a high degree of prior professional readiness;
  • To provide a reciprocal experience, fostering their long-term professional growth, and;
  • To guide the next generation to become a much-needed element of the global water sciences community—the interdisciplinary research and knowledge facilitator.

2030WaterSecure- will closely link with ‘Water Security and Nexus’ project-a global initiative that supports decision makers and development community in applying water security agenda and the UN-Water Learning Center -an e-Learning platform that supports training and building knowledge and skills of professionals in developing countries, executed via a regional network of training institutions and universities.

Read more about 2030WaterSecure here.

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