Coastal Management In The Arabian Gulf (closed project)

Project closed: 2011

The goal of the Coastal Management in the Arabian Gulf project is to design and implement a long-term environmental monitoring program (EMP) and management plan for marine waters surrounding large-scale developments along the Dubai coastline. This project will serve as a platform for capacity building in specific aspects of coastal marine management in the UAE, the wider Gulf region, and the international community.

As part of this project, UNU-INWEH aims to produce the necessary data and workshop training to contribute to the sustainable management of Nakheel Properties (a Dubai real-estate developer) and their Marine Projects.

  1. The components to the Coastal Management in the Arabian Gulf project are as follows:
  2. An Environmental Monitoring Program.
  3. The assessment of marine habitats and biological characteristics across Nakheel Marine Projects.
  4. Detailed water quality studies, and models of temperature/salinity/oxygen response.
  5. Capacity-building opportunities (i.e., training workshops).
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