Coral Reef Research And Capacity Building (project closed)

Project closed: 2012

This project focuses on understanding coral reef ecology, existing threats, and ways to improve the situation worldwide. It emphasizes capacity development to facilitate research and monitoring by experts in developing countries. UNU-INWEH is to execute one of six research components – concerning connectivity and large-scale ecological processes. Connectivity among local populations of coastal marine organisms, chiefly via dispersal of pelagic larval stages, is of major importance for any form of spatially explicit management – such as use of marine protected areas. In general, the extent of connectivity is very poorly known for many marine organisms in coral reefs.

This UNU-INWEH project will feature demonstration projects, capacity-building workshops, and advanced student training so that they may develop tools, measure connectivity for selected species at specific sites, and extend local knowledge of the importance of connectivity in management and  planning.

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