UNU-INWEH, as an integral part of United Nations University, is governed by the UNU Council. The Rector also appoints the International Advisory Committee (IAC), in consultation with the Chair of UNU Council, to provide advice and guidance to the UNU-INWEH Director.

The UNU Council

The UNU Council serves as the governing board of the United Nations University. It is composed of 13 appointed members, who serve six-year terms (in an individual capacity, not as representatives of their countries), three ex officio members (the UN Secretary-General, the UNESCO Director-General and the UNITAR Executive Director) and the UNU Rector. The UNU Council is responsible for devising the principles and policies that govern the University’s operations, and for considering and approving the UNU budget and work programme. The UNU Council holds a regular session at least once a year, and reports annually to the UN General Assembly, the UN Economic and Social Council and the Executive Board of UNESCO.

The International Advisory Committee (IAC)

The IAC, consisting up to six members serving in their individual capacity and including the UNU Rector and the UNU-INWEH as ex-officio members, undertakes the following:

  • Provides advice and guidance to the Director on all aspects of UNU-INWEH’s programme and its institutional development;
  • Adopts the Strategic Plan, programme of work and budget of UNU-INWEH on the basis of proposals submitted to it by the Director for submission to the Council;
  • Considers reports from the Director on the activities of UNU-INWEH and submit to the Council, through the Rector, an annual report on UNU-INWEH;
  • Makes such recommendations to the Council as it may deem necessary or desirable to ensure the effective functioning and continuity of UNU-INWEH;
  • Considers methods of financing UNU-INWEH with a view of ensuring the continuity and effectiveness of its activities;
  • Promotes the interests of UNU-INWEH, including the identification of strategic opportunities and assistance with fund raising, where appropriate;
  • Establishs such subsidiary bodies, as it deems necessary.

The UNU-INWEH Director convenes the IAC meeting once a year. The following members are presently serving:

Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala
Rector, United Nations University

Dr. David Passarelli, (ex officio)  
Executive Director,

Prof.  Kaveh Madani (ex officio)  
Director, UNU-INWEH

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