Dr Christophe Cudennec

Christophe Cudennec has 25 years of experience in hydrology and management of related resources, demands, territories, risks and interfaces across a variety of hydroclimate and geographic settings. He holds a degree of “ingénieur agronome” specialized in socio-agro-ecosystems, and a PhD and habilitation in hydrology. He is currently a professor at National Higher Institute of Agronomic, Agrifood, Horticultural and Landscape Sciences (Agro Campus Quest) in Rennes, France. Prior to that, he had extensive international  experience including 1.5 years in Iceland, 3.5 years in Tunisia, and research/capacity development projects in many regions throughout the world. Since 2011, he is the Secretary General of the IAHS – the International Association of Hydrological Sciences – facilitating worldwide scientific cooperation, knowledge exchange and outreach, and interacting with various global and UN programs and policy processes.

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