Public Lecture: Driving Ontario’s Clean Energy Future

Public Lecture: Driving Ontario’s Clean Energy Future

Cara Clairman, CEO, Plug’n Drive will give a seminar on the environmental and economic benefits of driving electric vehicles (EV) and their latest trends in Canada and worldwide. She will highlight what Plug’n Drive and others are doing in an effort to accelerate EV adoption, including a focus on used EVs. She will also talk about the policy environment and the influence it has on car buying and what policies would help get more people out of gas cars and into EVs within the next 10 years.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Cara Clairman is President and CEO of Plug’n Drive, a non-profit that is accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) to maximize their environmental and economic benefits.

Cara has taken Plug’n Drive from an idea to a thriving non-profit, recognized as a leader in the EV space. This year Plug’n Drive’s Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre was selected as Canada’s 2019 Top Project by the Clean 50 Community. Cara has more than 20 years of experience working in the environmental and sustainability fields, including 12 years working at Ontario Power Generation, initially as OPG’s environmental lawyer and later in the role Vice President of Sustainable Development. Prior to joining OPG, Cara spent five years practicing environmental law with the Torys law firm. Cara is the 2017 recipient of the Women in Renewable Energy’s ‘Woman of the Year’ award. She is currently driving the 100% electric Tesla Model 3.

More details here:

This is a joint Event between McMaster Climate Centre, City of Hamilton, City of Burlington, Mohawk College Centre for Climate Change Management, Bay Area Climate Change Office, Ontario Climate Consortium, Global Water Futures, McMaster Water Network, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health, McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics, and The Socrates project. Supported by RBC Foundation.

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