QUESTIONNAIRE: Evaluation of Flood Early Warning Systems

Floods are among the most devastating water-related disasters experienced throughout the world. Their cost to the global economy is significant and continuously increasing. To reduce flood risk and impacts, flood early warning systems (FEWS) have been implemented in many parts of the world, but consolidated information is lacking on the nature of FEWS, investments to implement and operate them, the benefits that can be attributed to them, as well as challenges and prospects associated with them.

This report has attempted to start addressing these gaps, primarily using the data collected from an online questionnaire targeting local and regional institutions dealing with flood forecasting and early warning services.
The questionnaire included 84 questions covering various aspects of FEWS and the gaps mentioned above. The questionnaire is available below and can be useful in its own right, for example for more in-depth regional surveys, in its current or modified form.

Read the report, “Flood Early Warning Systems: A Review Of Benefits, Challenges And Prospects”
See the questionnaire, “Evaluation of Flood Early Warning Systems”

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