Side-Event : Global To Local Water Security Assessment: How Do We Measure Up And How Close Are Our Targets Mid-way To Sdg6?

Side-Event : Global To Local Water Security Assessment: How Do We Measure Up And How Close Are Our Targets Mid-way To Sdg6?

23 March 2023
15:30 – 16:45 (EDT)
United Nations Headquarter, Conference Room 9 ; webcast coverage via UN Web TV (

This event summarizes water security status from global to local level with a focus on SDG6 metrics and Water Action Decade objectives. Presenters from research, UN entities, civil society and development banks share their experience on the indicators of water security, data collection and availability, gaps and challenges including practical applications. The panel will propose solutions that can more accurately capture physical, economic, health and societal dimensions, and recommend commitments that can be realistically implemented by governments, with civil society support.



Tentative Agenda 

The side event will be moderated by Lina Taing, Senior Researcher, at UNU-INWEH

Introduction and Opening statement, Session Chair, Kaveh Madani, Director UNU-INWEH

Presentations: 40 mins (7.5 mins each + Q&A)

  1. State of Water Security Globally mid-way into SDGs – results of the UNU-INWEH 2023 assessment, challenges, and opportunities. Charlotte MacAlister, UNU-INWEH
  2. Asia Water Development Outlook: measuring water security in Asia and the Pacific from the regional to the national Allison Woodruff, ADB
  3. Water security for various stakeholders – Valuing water in Asian cities. Kensuke Fukushi, UNU-IAS
  4. Achieving water security the human level: what does water security look like for households and individuals, and how can we scale that up globally? Sera Young, Northwestern University

Short intervention by Edeltraud Günther, Director, UNU-FLORES

Panel discussion  20 mins (including Q&A)

  • Rick Johnston, WHO: SDG6.1 progress and inequalities in DW access 
  • Julie Truelove – The role of civil society in achieving water security and addressing gender inequalities
  • Manka Kway, Regional Advocacy Manager East Africa, WaterAid – the reality on the ground
  • Regional Chief Cindy Woodhouse, Assembly of First Nations (more information here)

Questions from the floor and panel discussion of challenges and next steps

Short intervention by Yume Yamaguchi, Director, UNU-IAS 

Sum up and closing – 5 mins Kaveh Madani


Speakers and panel member details:


See the full side events Programme here.

More information about the UN 2023 Water Conference is found here.

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