Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment (project closed)

Project closed: 2006

Rural Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are subject to serious environmental threats that stem from gaps in institutional and policy measures. Discharge of untreated wastewater, unregulated agricultural practices, and a general lack of infrastructure has led to adverse environmental impacts – such as the deterioration of ground and surface water quality. This project undertakes the development and deployment of small-scale wastewater treatment plants. This approach is based on the following strategic advantages:

  1. Maximizing coverage of rural households.
  2. Promoting the reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes.
  3. Introducing low-cost, localized technologies for wastewater treatment.

The project also includes the establishment of a national Rural Environment Protection Committee comprised rural beneficiaries, related NGOs, scientific organizations, and Palestinian ministries. The committee provides recommendations to stakeholders and monitors project outcomes. Based on an integrated assessment of the wastewater treatment options, four small-scale wastewater treatment plants are to be constructed in schools in West Bank (El Ameer Hasan School, Birziet and Al Khadoree, Tul Karem), and the Gaza Strip (Al-Hertani School, Jabalia and A’kah School, Khan Yunis).

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