Daniel Cursio

Daniel Cursio is a doctoral student with the Department of Health, Aging, and Society at McMaster University, completing a PhD in Health & Society, as well as the Water Without Borders program with the UNU-INWEH. His research interests include many interdisciplinary fields: from qualitative health and emergency medical studies, to environmental education and ecological restoration. Currently, his graduate research is focusing on the impactful connections between high-altitude regions, alpine sport, and emergency medical response, to inquire into new areas of research.
Working as a MUST Scholar at UNU-INWEH, Daniel will be under the supervision of Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla and Dr. Caner Sayan, where he will be producing a paper on water justice as recognition, synthesizing international cases of transboundary water issues through a hydro-social lens. He has recently been awarded the Global Experience Award through McMaster University, as he is completing fieldwork in high-altitude regions of Peru for the Water Without Borders program.