Guillaume Baggio

Guillaume Baggio is an interdisciplinary climate change and international development expert with impactful research and policy contributions. At the UNU-INWEH, he dedicates his efforts to addressing the intricate challenges of water insecurity and climate change to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide.

Guillaume’s dedication to international development led him to work for about five years at the UNU-INWEH, where he played a critical role in supporting national water sustainability strategies, notably in Tunisia, the Republic of Korea, Costa Rica, Pakistan, and Brazil. With a focus on bridging the data gap for the achievement of SDGs, he contributed to the development of the first policy support system aligned with SDG 6 targets and indicators. His involvement extended to supporting policy innovation in 34 countries while co-organizing UN missions across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He also co-authored the first global water security assessment launched by UNU-INWEH in 2023, drawing data on water and climate change from 186 countries.

In addition to his research and policy work, Guillaume has a strong commitment to knowledge exchange and collaboration. He has conducted numerous workshops and training programs to support policy implementation on sustainable development. Presently, he is engaged with prominent Canadian research organizations in the advancement of science for sustainability.

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