Hamid Mehmood

Hamid Mehmood has worked in research and technical programmes on hydro-informatics and information technology for over 20 years. He holds Master and PhD degrees in Remote Sensing and GIS from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok. He has worked on technology transfer projects in more than 15 developing countries, including such programs as SERVIR (USAID/NASA) and PERFORM (USAID), and was involved in the implementation of Hyogo Framework for Action of the UN Economic Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP). Dr Mehmood also served as an Assistant Professor at leading universities in Pakistan. His areas of interest and expertise include application of hydro-meteorological sensors as Internet of Things (IoT); deploying blockchain in developing countries as a primary sensor data sharing and storing mechanism; solving hydro-meteorological data gaps using new information technologies, cloud computing for earth observations; and the use of open source online learning platforms as part of a hybrid capacity building approach. Dr Mehmood published extensively on applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in water resources and disaster management.

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