Kimberly Mahadeo

Kimberly is a McMaster University undergraduate student, working towards an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a minor in Psychology. Her courses and academic projects focus on conservation ecology, with emphasis on environmental reconciliation and sustainability. She is currently working with the non-profit Youth Challenge International, in collaboration with the City of Hamilton, to support sustainable transportation within the McMaster community She is also working with the commute management platform RideShark, to promote and implement a private ride-sharing system at McMaster. Her research interests include sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and behavioral ecology.

During her time as a MUST scholar at UNU-INWEH, Kimberly will be working with Dr. Hamid Mehmood on the 2019 extension of the publication, “Bibliometrics of Water Research: A Global Snapshot”. She will be collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data using bibliometric methods, to identify trends relating to global water research.