Maryam Mottalebi

As the Digital Communications Associate at UNU-INWEH, Maryam Mottalebi uses her creative talents and multi-faceted expertise to make the institute’s communication, stakeholders’ engagement, and public outreach efforts more effective and impactful. With a professional background in art and strong academic background in chemistry and master’s degrees in marine pollution and protection and international environmental science, Maryam brings a unique blend of art and science to UNU-INWEH. Her work revolves around combining art and science to support the fulfilment of the UN SDGs and empower governmental and non-governmental organisations to harness the potential of this dynamic combination.

In her pursuit of sustainable development, Maryam has explored the powerful role of art in environmental communication. Her past research at the University of Cologne was focused on how artistic expressions can bridge comprehension gaps and foster a common understanding among diverse stakeholders. Her passion for creating a common language for sustainable development extends beyond her artistic endeavors. She actively contributes to national and international news agencies and newspapers, sharing insightful articles that shed light on the pressing environmental challenges of our time.


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