Nga Dang

Nga recently graduated with a Master degree in Public Health from Queen’s University, ON. She has developed her passion for public health when working with a managed care organization in Iowa, USA, after her undergraduate studies. At this organization, Nga contributed to reports to the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise regarding critical incidents, tobacco cessation, chronic disease management, and mother and child health. Through this work experience, she became more interested in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics, and decided to pursue graduate level studies. At Queen’s, Nga familiarized herself with the public health system of Ontario through her assignments and practicum. During her practicum experience, Nga has strengthened her skills in conducting systematic reviews, synthesizing literature and providing evidence-based recommendations in the realm of public health.
At UNU-INWEH, Nga is working as an ELE scholar, under the supervision of Dr. Taing. She assists on writing a chapter on an over of WASH in Springer’s Handbook of Global Health; conducting a scoping review on water and gender interventions that accelerate multiple SDG indicators; and building a metadata of open data sources for a tool that visualize epidemiological surveillance and forecasts disease burden.