Saadia Sarker


Saadia Sarker has an honours Bachelor of Sciences degree from the University of Toronto with a double major in Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease and Environmental Science. She is passionate about public health, health equity and climate change. Saadia is committed to creating innovative systemic solutions to attain social and health equity for globally disadvantaged communities.

Saadia has worked with a multitude of local, regional, and national stakeholders in the realms of health research, public health advocacy and awareness, public policy, and holistic sustainable development. She has previously conducted research on infectious and chronic diseases, climate change impacts on water sources and migration patterns, along with experiences in GIS and data analysis.

She plans to pursue a Master of Public Health to complement her passion and continue her work in these fields.

Saadia is part of the UNU-INWEH Embedded Learning Experience (ELE) programme, working on the WAVES (WASH disease Vulnerability and Surveillance) project under the supervision of Dr. Lina Taing. Saadia is identifying environmental and human (behavioural) factors affecting the global distribution of dengue and cholera to create a global WASH Disease Index and conducting a meta-data review of spatiotemporal data. Through her work at UNU-INWEH, Saadia is contributing to the development of the WAVES digital health online tool that can measure, map, and inform mitigation and adaptation of WASH and health interventions.