Zeineb Bouhlel

Zeineb has a diverse background in research and in communication, mostly related to environmental sciences and in science-policy contexts. She graduated from the University of Carthage as an agriculture engineer, with a concentration in water resources and environment. She holds a MSc and a Ph.D. in oceanography from the University of Quebec at Rimouski with a concentration in aquatic chemistry, where she worked with different research teams in Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, Turkey, and the United States. Zeineb was also a research assistant at the University of Quebec in Montreal and her research was mainly focused on aquatic bacteria and water biochemistry.

Apart from academia, Zeineb has worked with a North American think-tank on Water, the Great Lakes Commission. Her role as a Government of Quebec Intern (Ministry of International Affairs), was to participate in communication and in sustainable development projects as well as in building intergovernmental relationships between the member states and provinces.  She was also active in civil society in Montreal. For example, she participated in organizing a UNFCC model event as well as a research project with WWF (World Wildlife Funds) and worked as a communication and client relation intern within a not-for-profit organization that focuses on clean technology in Quebec.

Before joining UNU-INWEH, Zeineb was a Business Development Specialist at Mitacs, working on building relationships between universities and non-academic stakeholders to develop research projects driven by innovation.


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