UNU-INWEH’s New book puts Wetlands at the center of Nature-based Solutions

UNU-INWEH’s New book puts Wetlands at the center of Nature-based Solutions

UNU-INWEH’s New book puts Wetlands at the center of Nature-based Solutions
published by Springer as the inaugural book in their new Environmental Contamination Remediation and Management Series

Wetlands are at the center of a series of valuable ecosystem services that benefit their surrounding communities and natural habitats. These ecosystems are gaining importance with the increased priority given by the international community to nature based solutions – to address pollution, land and water degradation provide resource for local livelihoods and potential for contribution to accomplishing water related sustainable goals and targets.

The new book: Multi-functional Wetlands; Pollution Abatement and Other Ecological Services from Natural and Constructed Wetlands provides a unique view on how planners and ecosystem managers can increase the value of wetlands as/for nature based solutions. This is probably the first comprehensive analysis of applications of nature-based solutions in wetlands. It presents:

  • A comprehensive global synthesis of case studies and examples of wetlands as nature-based solutions (NbS) at different scales, sectors and geographic areas.
  • A focus on ‘multi-functionality’ and evidence to demonstrate multiple use practices – with a vivid description of natural and constructed wetlands projects that align with development objectives such as urban and storm water management, designing climate resilient smart cities, managing the impact of climate extreme events; sediment and nutrient pollution.
  • Wetlands as a powerful Nbs tool for socio-economic and socio-cultural benefits, for projects
    scale, lessons learned, livelihood and income potential, especially for developing economies
  • Innovative evidence of NbS concepts and approaches to advance understanding, commitment and investments to promote NbS approaches. The World Water Development Report 2018 also focuses on NbS, and this book is timely synthesis providing substantive input to that process, informing the thinking behind policies and strategies of international organizations and UN agencies.
  • Case studies that make a strong business case for nature-based solutions – focusing on natural and constructed wetlands – including cost-benefit analyses and financing instruments.

See the book here

Greetings for the ‘World Wetlands Day’ 2 February 2018

Nidhi Nagabhatla and Christopher D. Metcalfe (eds : Multifunctional Wetlands)

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