WaSH: Integrated Social Empowerment (W:ISE) Toolkit

The W:ISE toolkit applies a mixed methods approach to understanding community-based WaSH as a first step in evidence informed decision-making and building capacity for change. The various tools that make up the W:ISE toolkit use a combination of methods to collect information. They are intended to be used by a community, NGO, or local government to understand the relationship that community members have with each other and with water and their environment; to understand how these relationships impact health; how and why water is used in the community; how sanitation and hygiene practices are viewed; and how changes could be made. The tools and methods described are participatory in nature; community members learn about healthy behaviours and practices while they assess their water, their environment, their social development, their health status, and the interactions among these factors.

For more information on the W:ISE toolkit, please access the full publication here.


The titles above are listed as Appendix A, B, C in the publication.

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